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Fiestas Patronales of Hatillo, P.R.

There is another tradition that is celebrated by each town in Puerto Rico, it is called the Fiestas Patronales, where there is live music and people get together near the town's square to celebrate there local Patron Saint.  In Hatillo P.R. the local Patron Saint is the Virgin Carmen.  In Hatillo P.R. the locals take the Church's statue of the Virgin Carmen in a Religious ceremony, put the statue on the shoulders of locals and parade her around town.  If the ocean/weather is calm they also put her in a fishing boat and take her for ride in the ocean.  This tradition of the Saint Virgin Carmen is done on the first Saturday of the Fiestas Patronales in Hatillo, P.R..

The local Fiestas of Hatillo, P.R. will be held during the 15th until the 24th of July, 2005 in Hatillo, where there will be live music.  On the 17th of July the local "Rumbon de Barrio" will be held at one of my favorite Pubs, "Cafe Costa Azul" in Hatillo near the Plaza, (the town's square).  Here is the program of the music groups that will be there during these fiestas.

Con un dolor profundo en mi corazón, lamento anunciales la muerte de nuestro gran amigo "Nan" Collet de la "Costa Azul" de causas naturales (embolia) en el pueblo de Hatillo, P.R.

Dedicado a “ Nan ” Collet.

Nov. 1945---Agosto. 2005

Amigo mío de muchos años, amigo ejemplar de todos.

Padre, Hermano y Hatillano ejemplar de un gran corazón y devoción.

Un joven muerte te han quitado de nuestros lados sin razón.

¡ Que perdida mas grande han tenido Hatillo del Corazón !


Adios mi amigo de gran corazón.

Te has ido, que triste se siente nuestros corazones.

¡ Pero siempre seras recordado por su gran devoción !

Por: Eddie Ferrer 8/31/2005

First I will give you the music that will be given at the "Rumbon de Barrio" at Costa Azul on the 17th of July, 2005.

Orquesta (music group):" La Solucion" with the singers, Mequi Rivera, Papo Sanchez and Melvin Martinez.   Direct from New York, Judio Maravilloso, Larry Harlow and his Orquesta (music group) "Abran Paso", with the singers Junior Gonzales y Adalberto Santiago. 

Program of the Patron Fiestas of Hatillo, Puerto Rico, 2005.

Here is the program of the music groups that will be playing during the fiestas of Hatillo, P.R. during the 15th up to the 24 of July, 2005.

Friday, 15th of July, 2005: "Night of the Ladies of the Merenque". (Music Groups)  Grupo Zache, Giselle, Millie Quesada.

Saturday 16th: "Day of the Virgen Carmen".  Procession of the Virgen Carmen during the afternoon, at 4:30 after the Procession in the Marina (beach) Victona's Sea Food Restaurant will celebrate "The Rhythm of Bongos at the Beach" with Anthony Carrillo (Maestro del Bongo) y su grupo.  At night (Music Groups) Plena Mia, Costa Brava, El Gran Combo of Puerto Rico will play at the fiestas.

Sunday 17th: "Night of Salsa and the Battle of Soneros". (Music Groups) Orquesta Kafe, "Show down of the Soneros", Andy Montanes.  On Sunday the "Nacionales of Harley Davison" Motor Club will be there during the day.  Also Sunday will be the day of Hatillanos Ausentes.  Plus, the Music groups, Orquesta Costa Norte, Oby Cardona.  Plus Sunday during day time will the day of the "Rumbon de Barrio" at Costa Azul with the music I mentioned above.

Monday 18th: "Night of the Trios".  Music groups; Lilly y su Gran Trio, Celines y su Trio, Trio Extasis.

Tuesday 19th: "Night of Merenque". Music groups;  Cana Brava, Patrulla 15.

Wednesday 20th:"Night of Salsa Gorda".  Muisc groups; Raphy Levitt, La Sonora Poncena.

Thursday 21th: "Night of the young people". Muisc Groups; "Gold Star", Trebol Clan, Hector (El Bambino), Algarete.

Friday 22nd: "Night of Admistration Excellence".  Music Groups; Tommy Torres, Susa y Epifanio, La India.

Saturday 23rd: "Night of Sabor Boricua". Music Groups; Son de la Salsa, Puerto Rican Power, Ismael Miranda.

Sunday 24th: "Last Day of the Fiestas".  During the day there will be a activity for the children with the "Orquesta de Munequitos.  During the night, Music Groups; Victor Manuelle, Gilberto Santa Rosa.

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